Somalia Community

Somali community in Barnim was founded in January 2015.
The establishment of the Somali community in Barnim, was the result of a meeting by some of
Somali members in Barnim that took place in Eberswalde in January 2015.
There, the Community Steering Committee was elected.
After it was founded, the Association joined an umbrella organization of other African
Communities in Barnim, called Palanca.
Objectives of the Community

  1. Awareness for the Somali community in Barnim district
  2. Interaction of Somali Members and Other Citizens in Barnim
  3. Preservation of Somali culture and language
  4. Participate in all community development services
    Meetings and Events of the Community
    Commemoration of Somalia’s Independence Day on 1 July
    Eid al-Fitr, that marks the end of Ramadan
    Celebration of Eid al-Ad-ha

Other meetings of the committee

The executive committee of the Association meets once a month, but if unforeseen
circumstances arise, the committee may hold emergency meetings.
Community Center
The Community Center is the Planca Center in Eberswalde.
Address: Coppistraße 1, 16227 Eberswalde